Fashion Revolution Week

Growing up and coming of age in recent years, we are the first generation to fully understand the negative affect we can have on the planet. The fast fashion industry has been one of the biggest targets of criticism due to its waste and often unsafe working conditions. More and more there is a call to take action and show solidarity for planet Earth, ethical brands and shopping small are becoming an important part of this generation’s zeitgeist.


The Origin

Fashion Revolution is a global movement, that operates year-round, but peaks during Fashion Revolution Week. The movement raises awareness of the challenges in fashion manufacturing and has spurred consumers to question brands on where and how their clothing is made. Since it’s conception the movement has spread to many other industries, encouraging people to think the same way about the story and people behind their accessories and jewellery.

Fashion Revolution Week runs from Monday 20th to 26th April this year. These dates is not random, the concept was born out of the tragedy of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1138 people and injured many many more on April 24th 2013. During this week, brands, suppliers and producers are encouraged to use the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and #imadeyourjewellery to demonstrate they have transparency and fairness in their supply chain.

This year more than ever this movement is needed and important. Due to the current COVID19 crisis, workers in the fashion industry have been very hard hit with many shops forced to shut, brands are pausing or cancelling their orders even after the production has been completed, this can lead to a crisis within a crisis for the supply chain workers effected.

Who Made your Jewellery?

- We did!


Fashion Revolution Week has encouraged brands to improve their processes and has shone a light on smaller more ethical brands giving them wider notoriety. Right from the conception of Wild Fawn, transparency has been a central part of the growth of the brand. Emma, our founder, has always embraced craftsmanship and valued the organic touch only possible when pieces are made consciously and slowly by hand.



All orders our customers place, be it retail or wholesale, will be made by either Emma, Harriet or Rebecca in our London studio. Knowing where products come from is becoming more and more important to people around the World, a trend which we hope becomes a habit, until transparency and fairness in the fashion industry are mainstream.

Find out more and get involved!

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