Bespoke Jewellery

Whether it's reworking your Grandmother's engagement ring or making a pendant necklace with gold from your Father's wedding ring, a handmade personal custom design can breathe new life into heirlooms, commemorate special occasions or simply say 'I love you'.

You may already have a clear idea of a design, a variation of a piece you've seen on our website or an entirely new piece. We're always here to help you decide on the specifics of the design, and bring your ideas to life.

We'll discuss your ideas, your budget, deadlines and any additional information required to create your bespoke jewellery.

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Our founder, Emma Barnes, has always been passionate about reusing and recycling whether it’s a Wild Fawn piece or not.

“I love it when customers get in touch about their old heirloom jewellery that needs fixing or reshaping to make it wearable. Our brand is all about making those considered purchases that you know will last a lifetime and this extends to other jewellery that holds meaning to our customers too”.


"I just wanted to thank you for the perfect piece, I love it! The vibe and mission of the company made the experience even better!"


"Oh my goodness it's utterly gorgeous, I'm so in love with it! The stone meant so much to me, now I can wear it all the time. Thank you so much again!"

Reworking Heirloom Gold

We know sometimes the most sentimental pieces can be those you’ve received which have been in your family for years. These pieces will always be close you your heart, too important to leave in a jewellery box unworn but not always to your taste.

We can rework your solid gold heirlooms into something you'll want to wear forever and pass down as future heirlooms.

Upcycling your gold starts from £495.

Get in Touch

Our all-women workshop here in London is constantly buzzing with new ideas, making orders, experimenting with new techniques and part of our offering is to reduce over consumption by making old and broken jewellery wearable or into something special and new.

So whether it’s a broken ear pin, a clasp that needs replacing or simply bringing a piece of jewellery back to life with a deep polish, we’re always here to chat about how we can make it possible. You can email, book a video or in-person consultation here or call us on 07786 510967.

Engrave your own

Our customers are making their jewellery even more personal with an engraving. A handmade personal engraved message can breathe new life into heirlooms, commemorate special occasions or simply say 'I love you'.

If you'd like to engrave a message into jewellery you already have, just email Jenn at