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She Said Yes: Alex and Iona

She Said Yes: Alex and Iona

Creating bespoke engagement rings is one of the most fulfilling things we do at Wild Fawn. Being able to create something truly unique and sentimental is a joy. Each one of our couples mean the world to us, we are so excited to see where their journey takes them. One of our recent commissions by Alex for Iona featured an incredible lab grown diamond and natural green sapphires, the ring we created for him could not be more beautiful.

We caught up with Alex after his proposal to see how the process of making the ring was and most importantly, if she said yes!

Tell us a little about the piece of jewellery you wanted to create and why.

I went in with only a very vague idea of what it should look like, but hoped that when I saw ‘the one’ I would know. Iona doesn’t wear much hand jewellery so I had very little inspiration from that side, but knew her tastes and importantly her dislikes. I actually started with a word board - I wrote down things like ‘antique feel’, ‘gold’, ‘kind’, ‘subtle’, ‘greens’, ‘rounded’ etc. I then scoured the internet for ideas and inspiration. The team at Wild Fawn are very talented so were able to take this and run with it. I also really wanted them to put their style on it, rather than me dictating too much.


bespoke custom unique Diamond handmade engagement ring

What made you decide on Wild Fawn for this bespoke piece?

Having spent several months trawling the well known London spots for engagement rings, I decided ultimately I wanted something more personal, more unique, and a ring which better fit my girlfriend’s ideals and tastes. Some initial research online then led me to Wild Fawn. I loved their sustainable ethos, all female team and more local, small business feel. Looking through their website designs they just felt like a great match for my engagement ring, offering that extra bit of character I was looking for.


proposal photo enagement ring

How did you find the process of creating something unique and special?

It was really exciting, although I have to admit also quite stressful at times! Not a reflection on Wild Fawn - they were extremely patient throughout, offering plenty of advice, design tips and the occasional much needed words of encouragement (!). But more because this is a huge decision and no matter what, you want to create something that is essentially ever lasting and that your partner will love. You’ve only got one shot! I ended up going back to the drawing board halfway through the design process on a moment of inspiration. It took a bit longer in the end, but it was 100% worth it. 

she said yes bespoke custom unique Diamond handmade engagement ring

Most importantly, did she say yes?

I actually proposed without a ring whilst on holiday in Sicily - I knew I wanted to ask her while there, but ran out of time with my previous efforts to find an engagement ring and didn’t want to panic buy at the last minute. Luckily I did, because otherwise I don’t think I’d have found Wild Fawn. She said ‘yes’ the first time, and when I re-proposed a few months later with the actual ring, thankfully she hadn’t changed her mind. She absolutely loved the ring, and the story/thought process behind it. Definitely worth the wait!

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke engagement rings you can find out more or book a consultation to talk to us