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Green Sapphire Engagement Rings: The ultimate guide

Green Sapphire Engagement Rings: The ultimate guide

Traditionally, diamond engagement rings were the go-to choice for proposals and as much as we love the sparkle of a diamond, the colours that can be found in green sapphires can make an engagement ring extra personal. Each sapphire has its own qualities, colours and hues making them captivating to look at and adds a depth to engagement rings that make them the ultimate sentimental stone to include in your ring.

Here's our guide on how to choose a green sapphire engagement ring and what to look for when thinking about the sustainability and ethical nature of the stone too.


sapphire colours

Are green sapphires good for engagement rings?

Green sapphire engagement rings are a very popular sapphire colour for engagement rings. Green sapphires, just like any other colour sapphire, is a durable gemstone that works well with white gold or yellow gold, with diamond accent stones or simply as a solitaire. We source our green sapphires from either Sri Lanka or Australia from small, ethical mines run by families. This ensures our engagement rings are ethically made from start to finish. 

Quite often, we use lab grown diamonds alongside a sapphire in our engagement rings because they complement each other beautifully. This means it doesn't have to be a choice of either diamond or sapphire. You can have both!

Is green sapphire too soft for an engagement ring?

No, Sapphire is an incredibly hard gemstone and is rated 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale making them extremely durable for engagement rings and will last for generations to come. Their durability means they can be set in a variety of ways including claw and bezel set, so green sapphires offer lots of creative freedom when choosing your perfect ring.

The green comes from the element Iron that is present at the moment the sapphire is formed. The greener the sapphire, the higher amount of iron.

Why do people wear green sapphire engagement rings?

A green sapphire engagement ring is the perfect choice for those looking for a unique engagement ring that's one of a kind because each gemstone is completely unique. 

The green colour of sapphires and their spectrum of shades make green sapphire rings perfect for nature lovers, especially hiking or holiday proposals. If your partner has said they wouldn't like a big sparkly engagement ring, a green sapphire with two diamond accent stones would be the perfect alternative.

People love that each sapphire has its own character and depth of colour. Each shade of green, from light green to deep forest green makes each green sapphire completely unique with their different colours.

Green sapphire engagement ring meaning

Green sapphires are thought to hold a variety of meanings; peace, love, and trust, amongst others. This is because gemstones are associated with different energies according to their properties. In the case of green sapphires, the associated energies are all based around integrity, calmness, thoughtfulness, and compassion, with some referring to it as the stone of tranquility. These associations make for an engagement ring that symbolises empathy, loyalty, and love. 

Of course, their colour and properties can also represent a love of (and closeness to) nature, so we find that green sapphire engagement rings are often a perfect choice for couples who feel a connection to the earth. 

Green sapphire engagement ring pricing

A green sapphire, similar to a blue sapphire, can come at different price points depending on their characteristics. Their size, clarity and colour and how ethically they have been sourced all impact the cost of a sapphire.

All are important to consider when choosing your sapphire and below we've outlined some factors to take into account when choosing a green sapphire engagement ring.

Are green sapphires cheaper than diamonds?

This depends on the cut and colour of both. A natural sapphire can be more expensive than a lab grown diamond but cheaper than natural diamonds of the same size. Ethically sourced and traceable sapphires can be more expensive than sapphires where there is no guarantee that the miners are working in fair and safe working conditions.

We only ever use ethically sourced sapphires and gold in our rings, this is incredibly important to us here at Wild Fawn.

Are green sapphires more expensive than blue sapphires?

A good quality green sapphire is rarer than a blue sapphire so can demand a much higher price. The size of the stone also affects the price as the larger the green gemstone, the rarer it will be.

ethical sapphire engagement ring

How can you tell if a green sapphire is real?

It is best to let a jeweller or professional tell you if the green sapphire in your engagement ring is real or not, as part of investigating this may involve a magnifier or loupe. However, a simple first test is just to breathe on it; a sapphire will un-fog from this very quickly, an artificial stone will take much longer. 

If your sapphire scratches easily, it is also likely to be artificial, since sapphires are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, so should not be marked by other materials.

What's the difference between a green sapphire and an emerald?

Sapphire is a much harder and versatile gemstone than emeralds so work better in most engagement ring settings. Emeralds do best when bezel set so that the gold can protect the stone from any knocks. Green sapphires have much more clarity and sparkle than emeralds which can have a misty colour and are often treated with oil that can wear off over time. Both are beautiful in their own ways and are considered precious gemstones where all other gemstones apart from rubies and diamonds are semi-precious gemstones. 

How long do green sapphire engagement rings last?

There’s no reason that your green sapphire engagement ring shouldn’t last a lifetime; they are extremely durable, hard gemstones with excellent scratch resistance properties. Of course, it always pays to look after your engagement ring well, but with normal care, using green sapphire as a sturdy centre stone makes for a special piece of jewellery that will be with you for years and years to come.


What to look for when choosing a green sapphire engagement ring

So, you’ve decided that a green sapphire engagement ring is the right choice for you and your partner, but how do you choose which one to go for? Here are some of the things we would suggest you consider when you’re shopping for that special ring.


For us, colour is very important when choosing your green sapphire engagement ring. Sapphires, even green sapphires can contain their own unique colour with many stunning shades with different hues of greens, yellows, and even blues - a characteristic that makes each stone unique to you and what makes it so exciting to design with sapphires. You can also consider the tone and saturation of the stone which is the intensity of the colour and how dark or light it is in general. Here at Wild Fawn we love stones that have character and that includes the colours in the stone too.


Similar to a diamond, the cut of the gemstones is what makes the sapphire ring come to life. It affects how the light reflects inside the stone and gives it a beautiful internal sparkle.

Ethical Sourcing

When buying your ring, ask where and how the gemstone is sourced, so you know that your engagement ring is ethically made from beginning to end. Make sure that your sapphire is traceable and sustainably mined, small mines are best. We source our sapphires from a small tight-knit community of gemstone suppliers who have strong ethical values and commitments to miners and cutters of the gemstones.

What next?

Still interested in green engagement rings? With each sapphire being 100% unique, the natural green hues and its durability make green sapphires the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

We can source a specific gemstone that's perfect for you and your budget, or you can browse our range of ethical engagement rings or get in touch to discuss bespoke engagement rings that feature this captivating stone and sustainable recycled gold. Our bespoke engagement ring jewellery service is perfect if you'd like to find a unique gemstone and design your perfect custom sapphire engagement ring at our London jewellery studio or over zoom. <