8 Tips to Make your Online Shopping More Sustainable

We are shopping online like never before, so why not consider things you might not have thought about before? These are a few thoughts from the Wild Fawn team about how we can all shop more sustainably online.



Choose to shop sustainable or small businesses. Shopping small supports real lives and their community, believe us, wouldn’t you like to know every purchase you make makes someone smile?


Check to see if the brand you are buying from uses plastic-free, recyclable or biodegradable postal packaging.


Why not try to find it second hand?


Always think before you buy, do you really need it, will it really bring you the joy you are hoping for?


Then think a little bit more! Especially when it comes to clothing, will the item really suit you, will it fit? When shopping with large online brands make sure to look at the sizing measurements to make sure it will fit, more often than not returns are not carefully repackaged and resold (like you would hope they were) 84% of returns end up in landfill or incinerators, disgusting right?


If it’s not right, consider what you would do with it, could you regift, swap or resell it yourself?


If you’re buying multiple items which have different delivery dates, opt for delivery together, unfortunately many sites do not have this options but if it does, that’s great!


Opt for shops with short shipping distances, shopping brands who ship from your own country is a great option. Plus choosing the slowest shipping option, express shipping has much higher C02 emissions and is less efficient, plus anticipation builds excitement!

If you have other suggestions we would love to hear them! Share below.