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50 Eco-Friendly New Years Resolutions

This is not a pretty blog post but we hope it will be inspirational! This is a brain dump from the Wild fawn team of little changes you can make to your lifestyle to make 2021 your most conscious year yet!


2. Start Recycling.

2. Reduce food waste by buying less to begin with!

3. Cook from scratch and meal plan.

4. Eat organic as much as possible.

5. Eat better meat, and eat a lot less of it.

6. Hang your laundry to dry.

7. Wear layers so you can turn the thermostat down a degree or two.

8. Swap disposable for reusable products.

9. Look for bamboo, glass, and stainless steel alternatives to plastic packaging.

10. Had a cheeky takeaway last night? Clean and reuse the trays.

11. Bulk buy home products to reduce delivery emissions, Ecover is a great option for this.

12. Turn Off Lights.

13. Use Rechargeable Batteries.

14. Start composting! The Wild Fawn studio has recently welcomed the inhabitance of a wormery, we are very excited to see how all of our food waste will be turned into the most wonderful soil.

15. Plant a Garden.

16. Plant More Pollinator-Friendly Plants in that new garden



17. Drive less, use public transport more (just remember to wear your mask!)

18. Use the stairs instead of the lifts (they use lots of electricity!).

19. Go paperless in any way possible.

20. Upcycle Greeting Cards (save all those Christmas cards for next year!)

21. Reuse wrapping paper.

22. Learn how to sew.

23. Use Ecosia as Your Search Engine and use the DoneGood App too.

24. Swap planes for trains (when we can travel again!)

25. Start carbon offsetting your travel.

26. Use reusable wipe and cotton pads in your makeup routine.

27. Switch to reusable razors if you are still using disposables.

28. Use a shampoo bar rather than plastic bottles.

29. Switch to reusable Menstrual products, this is still far too taboo but can make such a difference. It is definitely something we will be focusing on soon so if you are interested keep an eye out!

30. Keep houseplants to purify the air in your home.

31. Set up a water butt to collect rain water to water your lovely houseplants with.



32. Shop local! Oddbox is a great website that saves veg that supermarkets don’t want (they have great introductory offers too!)

33. While shopping local, go one step further and use farmers markets.

34. Bring your own shopping bags.

35. Avoid fast fashion.

36. Start clothes swapping.

37. Shop in charity shops or on second hand websites like Depop.

38. Curate a capsule wardrobe that will allow you to reduce the number of clothes in your closet, minimise your need to buy unnecessary new clothes, and simplify your life.

39. Get the chemicals out of your cosmetics.

40. Avoid food, cosmetics, cleaning products, and fuel with palm oil in the ingredient list.

41. Give experiences instead of products as gifts.

42. Purchase less and up-cycle more.

43. Check at your local dump if they have an area of discarded items which still work.

44. Mend what you have before buying new.

45. Buy natural or organic fibre clothing.

46. Rent clothing (when we have somewhere to go again!)

47. Unsubscribe from Retailer and Consumer-Driven Email Lists

48. Stop using Amazon!

49. Shop from handmade and sustainable businesses.

50. And finally (and possibly most importantly) encourage others! Nothing will make a bigger difference than more people making little changes.


If you have any tips or tricks to make being sustainable a little bit easier please share them below!