Mira Lou's Artists of Instagram

We all need a little more beauty in our lives, especially now that the days are getting darker and colder. Our friend Mira, German illustrator and sustainability advocate, has kindly collated some of her must see artist of Instagram who will not only brighten these rainy days but also might make you think about the world around you too. Enjoy!



@lilla.clara creates beautiful minimalistic single line portraits and mixes them on her feed with simple and aesthetic photography or sometimes artworks drawn in other styles. She focuses on conscious design and captures love, empathy and closeness to nature in her world of art.



@vonannelie is the queen of simple and poetic illustrations that let you fall in love with small details of everyday scenes and objects. She turns flowers, interior pieces and portraits into incredible elegant and fine line drawings that look fragile and soft.



@styngvi calls himself an ‘‘artivist“ and creates powerful and informative art that educates you about a more sustainable lifestyle. He manages to spread love for animals, raise awareness for our impact on the planet and does not shy back from confronting uncomfortable topics in his works, all in his unique style of art.



@lauraklinke_art creates very emotional and relatable portraits and often includes powerful messages to educate about self love, sexuality, racism and veganism. She is not afraid of sharing content that might offend close-minded people and confronts her followers with sometimes difficult but important topics.



@saltnrosemary by @kerstin.mllr posts delicate and soft designs mostly based on plants and natural motives. You can get them hand poked as tattoos by her in her private studio in Cologne. 



@kris_lata has a minimalistic style that is not based on lines but rather on clean and coloured shapes. Her work includes illustrations for the ‘‘World Meat Free Week“ or the ‘‘Earth Day“. Most of her works are inspired by nature and the beauty of people and nature coming together.



@karlasandersart also is not focused on lines only in her work. She rather creates very complex and detailed illustrations that are unique in her own style of using colours and the soft feeling of her art. Her serene and magical pieces feature nature and how we interact with it. 



@fiorenza_art manages to keep her own and unique style while never stoping to experiment with it. She combines minimal elements, sometimes lots of colours and (most importantly) unperfected lines to pieces that seem to radiate joy and happiness. She delights in creating something new and pushing her own boundaries when it comes to art is beyond inspiring.



@_augustobm has mastered his unique drawing style and creates abstract and very minimal portraits that are kind of geometric. He also focuses on nature and the merging of humans with it. Even though his art is quite modern it seems to have an antique or ancient greek vibe.



@_maggierstephenson_ uses both line and shapes in her style. Most eye catching is her colourful yet soft colour palette and her abstract way of painting bodies. She features a lot of nature and female forms in her works and often creates empowering pieces.

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