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A Conscious Conversation with Rachel & Claire

2020 has been a huge year for Wild Fawn, one of the biggest changes for us has been adding two new team members to the studio after a long period of working from home. Emma, Rebecca and Nilly welcomed Rachel and Claire in July and we thought it might be nice to formally welcome them with a blog post to let you get to know them a little better.

Claire - Studio Assistant


What's your Zodiac symbol? Do you think your personality is typical of this sign?

My Zodiac symbol is Taurus! I think I am quite a typical Taurus. I am reliable, hedonist, perseverant and very stubborn. I like the good things in life and I do my best to reach my goals. I like people, I am very curious and sociable.

Tell us a little about your background that led you to Wild Fawn.

I came across Wild Fawn on social media many times before applying for the role. I always loved its minimal style and I was very interested in Emma’s ethical engagement. I have a background as a designer in the fashion and jewellery industry and worked for other London based jewellery brands in the past. I was looking for a new opportunity in the industry and I was excited about the idea to work for a brand that shares the same values as mine.

Why did you want to work for a small ethical business?

I am very passionate about environmental issues, the jewellery industry has a lot to learn in terms of ethical practices and it was very important for me to support a business that is an actor for change in this industry.

This or that – handmade or 2nd hand?

For clothes, I’d say second hand.

Can you offer 3 easy changes for people who want to live more consciously in their daily lives?

Buy local to support small businesses and reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce waste, use shampoo and soap bars, there are very good ones out there!

Buy consciously by buying more organic food and sustainable fish or meat.

Rachel - Silversmith


What's your Zodiac symbol? Do you think your personality is typical of this sign?

Im a Leo! I am quite a bubbly person but growing up I was very shy, so maybe I've grown into my Zodiac symbol? I do love being a Lion! 

Tell us a little about your background that led you to Wild Fawn.

During the COVID19 lockdown I was made redundant from my job repairing jewellery and that’s when I came across Wild Fawn. Being a nature lover it was wonderful to see that they were eco-friendly and after looking at the products on the website I applied for a role right away. I have always loved jewellery, I remember shopping with my parents when I was little and coming across a jewellery shop were you could look through a window into the workshop at the jewellers making. I thought what a fun job! And that one day I would like to be one of those jewellers.

What’s your favourite aspect of working for a small handmade business?

I love the wonderful atmosphere here at Wild Fawn and the team work that goes into running it. Working for a small business makes me feel like a valued team member, like part of the family! Not just another nameless employee.

This or that - handmade or 2nd hand?

Handmade to me is something that has been cared for and can also be very unique! But 2nd hand... well that can have a-lot of history behind it and have great sentimental value so it’s a tough question! I'd have to say handmade! Or even better.... handmade and 2nd hand hehe!   

In what ways are you changing your lifestyle to live more consciously?

I have been given a 2nd hand bike from a family member and have started to cycle to work instead of driving which feels great. I feel proud to be working for an eco-friendly, ethical brand. Just working here has made me want to become even more conscious and make more ethical choices!

Emma - Founder

We want to know what you think about the growth of your small business and how you feel about increasing your team?

After starting Wild Fawn as a hobby, it’s been quite a surreal feeling growing the team into what it is today - it just goes to show those hours working late into the night and every weekend to establish a business well from the beginning really pays off (thank goodness!). I really have put my all into Wild Fawn these past 5 (almost 6) years and feel so proud when I sit back and see the team working together to encourage ethical fashion choices and also physically make and pack orders here in our London Studio. It seems like yesterday I was doing everything myself, and I do treat myself from time to time to packing orders up because it’s still one of my favourite parts of the whole thing! Luckily now, we are an amazing team that works so hard together to bring to you what Wild Fawn is today.


If you have any questions about us you would love to know the answers to let us know below! We will do our best to answer