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What finger does a wedding ring go on?

What finger does a wedding ring go on?

What finger does a wedding ring go on?

In general, people choose to wear their engagement ring with their wedding ring or promise ring on the fourth finger of their left hand which is traditionally called the left hand 'ring finger'. 

Why is the wedding ring worn on the left hand?

The tradition of wearing engagement and wedding rings on the left hand has a long history. Unsurprisingly, jewellery as symbolic as wedding rings are enshrined in legend, mysticism and tradition that have evolved over time.  Wearing wedding rings on your left-hand fourth finger (the one next to your little finger) can be dated right back to 395-423 AD, when Romans believed in the Vena Amoris (Vein of Love), a vein that connected the ring finger to the heart and so should be the wedding ring finger. In England before the 16th century, wedding rings were worn on the thumb and it was only when King Edward VI made an edict stating wedding rings were to be worn on the fourth finger on the left hand that set the tradition in stone. 

Can I wear a wedding ring on my right hand?

Absolutely, you can technically wear your engagement and wedding ring on any finger you want (who's going to stop you?). There are lots of alternative ways to wear a wedding ring and wearing it in your right hand is one of them.

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What does wearing a wedding ring on the right hand mean?

The right hand can be used when there is a renewal of vows or an anniversary. For some countries, wearing the wedding ring on the right hand is the norm. 

What countries wear the wedding ring on the right hand?

It differs from person to person but in general, people in India, Germany, Spain, Norway, Russia, Austria, Latvia, Norway, Poland, and parts of Portugal choose to wear their wedding rings on their right hand. Norway uses the right hand for wedding rings because it is connected to the oath of marriage. In India, the left hand is thought to be unfavourable so the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. 

So, which hand you wear your wedding ring on is a personal choice and is different around the world. Wedding rings are highly symbolic and personal, made to last forever. Exchanging them at your wedding ceremony is a magical moment and it should be your choice entirely which finger you choose to put your wedding ring on. If you wanted to design your own or chat about a custom order, feel free to email us or take a look at our collection of eco-friendly wedding rings here.