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Do you wear your engagement ring for your wedding ceremony? Ideas for what to do on your big day

Do you wear your engagement ring for your wedding ceremony? Ideas for what to do on your big day

Your big day is approaching; the cake is ordered, the flowers are chosen and your beautiful wedding outfit is almost ready, but there's one question that might have slipped to the back of your mind as you dream about walking down the aisle: should you wear your engagement ring to your wedding ceremony?

Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

Ultimately, the decision on whether to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day is yours to make. You might choose to follow the traditional approach of wearing it on your right hand during the ceremony, but there are alternatives if this is one wedding tradition that's not for you. You could keep it in a safe place, wear it on your right hand all day, keep it on a chain round your neck, or keep it in its usual place on your left hand if you like.

Traditional engagement ring etiquette for your wedding day

As we mentioned, traditional etiquette sees the engagement ring moved onto the ring finger of the right hand during the ring exchange, so that the groom can then place the wedding band on the unoccupied left ring finger. The bride might then choose to move the engagement ring back over to their left finger once the ceremony is over.
The legend behind why wedding rings are placed on the hand first goes back to the Ancient Egyptians. They believed in something called the vena amoris, or vein of love, which was thought to run directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. Since the wedding ring is the band that represents an eternal union between you and your beloved, this is placed first on the hand, and therefore closest to the heart.

What happens to your engagement ring during your wedding ceremony?

If you don't want to go along with this tradition, there are several options to consider, whether you choose to wear your engagement ring to your wedding ceremony or not.

Ideas for what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day

Choose not to wear it: keep it in a safe place or entrust a family member

If you'd like to keep all of the focus on your beautiful wedding band, you might choose to leave your engagement ring off altogether. You could leave it at home, or lock it securely away in its ring box if there's a safe in your wedding night accommodation. Or perhaps you can entrust it to a bridesmaid, your mother, or another responsible guest, and let your brand new band have all of the attention for the day.

Wear it on the opposite hand

Another option that is somewhat in keeping with tradition is to wear it on your opposite hand for the whole of your wedding day. If you still want to wear the engagement ring that you love, but direct all of the focus towards your wedding band, then this could be your perfect solution.

Wear it on a chain or necklace

If you're keen to keep your engagement ring with you, but would prefer to allow your new wedding band to have all of the attention when it comes to rings on either hand, you could consider wearing your engagement ring on a chain or a necklace. Perhaps you're planning on wearing bridal wedding jewellery, which you can attach your ring to. Plus, this way your ring can stay close to your heart as you wed your special someone.

Wear it on the same finger as your wedding ring will go on

Why not keep things simple and wear your engagement ring on the same finger that your wedding ring will go on? You could put your engagement ring on first, with your partner placing your wedding band on top when you exchange rings.
You can always swap them over after the wedding ceremony or following the wedding photos, or simply keep them on your left hand in the order in which you received them.
When it comes to choosing your new ring, Wedfit engagement rings are a great option because they feature high-set stones that allow a wedding ring to sit neatly underneath, meaning there are no gaps when the two are worn side by side on the wedding finger.

Are there any other options?

If you're still looking for a solution for where to keep your engagement ring on your wedding day, there are a few more ideas you could explore.
If you're planning on having a small bag or wristlet with you on your wedding day, you could choose to keep your engagement ring in here during your ceremony. Or if you're lucky enough to have a wedding dress or suit that features pockets, you could secure it in here with a careful safety pin or a stitch or two.
If your bouquet is tied with a ribbon, you could secure it to the stems and add a touch of sparkle to your blooms. Just be sure to take it off if you're planning to throw the bouquet!

What order do you wear your wedding and engagement rings on your wedding day?

Ultimately, it's your day and how you wear your wedding and engagement ring is up to you, regardless of tradition.

Do you wear your engagement ring on top of your wedding ring?

As we mentioned earlier, traditional wedding ring etiquette dictates that wedding bands should be worn closest to the heart and therefore placed on the finger first. However, many brides like to sit their wedding ring on top of their engagement ring, following the more modern idea that the engagement ring represents a promise to one another which is made first, and the wedding ring represents the fulfilment of that promise. Thus, the rings are worn on the finger or hand in the order in which they were received.
Which way you choose to wear your rings is really down to your personal preference, although the way the rings are made can have an impact on the ideal way to wear them. A bespoke engagement ring can offer you the choice of placing them either way around on your wedding ring finger.
Wild Fawn offers a range of sustainable wedding jewellery, including the option to create your own bespoke engagement and wedding ring, which mean you can always enjoy wearing your rings in the way that suits you.