Small Cartilage Helix Earring Hoops

Small Cartilage Helix Earring Hoops

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These Sterling silver helix hoop earrings/ 9ct gold hoop earrings set of 2 hand formed are filed and tumbled for shine from eco friendly recycled silver or gold.

Their very small size (6mm diameter in the photos) or 7mm means that they give a very delicate look to the upper ear as opposed to the chunkier look that larger hoops can give. These hoops can also be worn on any other cartilage piercing!

Due to their small size they may be fiddly to close. You can do it easily with pliers or tweezers. Please check that they will be big enough for your piercing before you purchase. WFN Jewellery is handmade and created with eco friendly methods and materials.


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