Sponsor a Sister

We are proud members of the 'Sponsor a Sister' initiative that's part of the Women for Women Charity. 

Here at Wild Fawn, giving back and doing good is fundamental to who we are, we have a purpose beyond profit, supporting women is particularly important to us. Often making donations can be opaque and difficult to trace. This is why we chose to 'Sponsor a Sister'.

The more we grow, the more we can give back.

The Initiative

Every order you place directly supports women survivors of war and helps build their future by providing a program of education on health, rights, business skills and potential support networks.

Not only will their lives be changed forever, but their family and friends will feel the ripple effect of her training and empowerment.

Finances & Rights

Our sisters will learn a skill that’s proven to earn an income in their local market, such as tailoring, brickmaking or agriculture. They will also learn business skills like book-keeping and budgeting, to help them use this vocational skill to earn money to support their families.

Women have fundamental rights: to vote, to own land, to divorce, and to inherit property. Our sisters will gain knowledge of their rights, as well as learning about gender equality and laws that protect them from violence and discrimination.

Health, Wellbeing & Support

Women cannot be active members of their communities if they are not physically and mentally well. Our sisters will learn about topics including hygiene and disease prevention, family planning, coping with stress and the importance of nutrition for herself and her family.

War and conflict leave women deeply isolated, feeling unsafe to leave their homes and without a safe place to meet other women who have experienced the horrors of war.

Our sisters will join a class of 24 other women like them. They will make friends, regain their confidence and build a support system.

Thank you!

Without you we would not be able to support causes like this and it means so much to us, so thank you!

To find out more about the initiative click here!

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