Our Community

A business is only as strong or as inspiring as the people who follow it. We read every single review and DM you send us and your support and feedback is essential to our growth. Everything we do, is inspired by you. Building connections and community is one of the most important parts of Wild Fawn and each and every one of you means the world to us.


Community begins with our team. We are a group of women, driven in the same direction to promote responsibility in the jewellery industry, we support and inspire each other everyday.


We aim to use people of all types and backgrounds in our images because we want our brand to reflect the real people who wear it.


Being a part of your big day is the most incredible privilege, supporting love in all it's forms is at the heart of each engagement and wedding ring we make.


We are always in awe of each sale. Knowing others love our pieces the way we do and knowing they are out in the world being worn and loved is a dream come true.


Giving and receiving gifts can foster closer bonds. Sharing a gift which is ethically handmade will spread the message of conscious consumerism and build on the meaning behind the gift.