What are Ethical Engagement Rings?

What makes an engagement ring ethical?

Many factors go into making any piece of jewellery eco-friendly, ethical or sustainable. Not only the metal and gemstone sourcing but the care taken for the people who make them. 

We are often asked where to buy ethical engagement rings. Recently have been making more and more bespoke engagement rings, it is so exciting and we are always overjoyed when we hear back that the ring went down and treat and of course the answer was yes.

This being the case, we are so proud to announce we will now be focusing even more on engagement rings, both working with you on commissions but also designing and making our own which will be available to buy online. Steadily we will grow this collection of rings, one-of-a-kind and classic styles which we think you'll love.  

Our unique ethical engagement rings have been lovingly designed and handmade carefully and individually in the UK by our all-female team. Because the design process happens from start to finish in our London studio we cut out unnecessary carbon emissions which occur with deliveries from factories on the other side of the earth.

This also means you know exactly who made your jewellery. No child labour or unsafe working conditions are ever involved in making a piece of Wild Fawn jewellery. If you order a piece of jewellery from us it will be made by Rachel, Emma or Rebecca and they are all so proud of the work they do, and we are too.

We have worked hard to find suppliers we can trust, we use metal which is ethically sourced, traceable back to the mine or recycled, because we make each ring by hand no material ever goes to waste, any design which doesn't work or goes wrong in the process can be melted down and be used to make something new. We can also use your own metal as part of wedding bands or as a completely new heirloom rework.

Our natural gemstones are chosen by hand from a supplier who offers responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones from a number of carefully selected sources around the world, primarily Sri Lanka and Tanzania. This makes a positive impact on the lives of people in these countries and ensures that they have a fair share of the profits derived from their labours. We have the peace of mind that our engagement rings are made with a stone that is guaranteed "conflict free", has a transparent origin and is fair trade.

We also use 'Above Ground' gemstones, also known as man-made or lab-grown. The only difference between a lab-grown stone and a mined gemstone is its point of origin, rather than coming from the earth, the millions-years long process of heat and pressure involved in creating a natural gem underground is mimicked in a lab in a fraction of the time. Although no gemstone has zero environmental impact, the production of lab-grown gems has a much smaller impact on the environment than traditional mining.

Being ethical is not always black and white when it comes to some materials, it sometimes involves compromise. We have chosen to use both natural and 'Above Ground' stones is because each has their pro's and con's. Using both means the environmental impact of mining is lessened but the incredible artisans who do the mining are also supported.

The most ethical and sustainable engagement rings are created by supporting and caring for both our planet and the people who inhabit it, this is what we strive for.

If you would like to find out more about custom ethical engagement rings, you can see our bespoke engagement ring page and be inspired by the rings we have ready to ship.

Shop our ethical engagement rings now.

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