We're Planting - Cuttings

There is much scientific evidence saying gardening has a positive effect on our mood. If you do not have a garden there is still a lot you can do with plants. It is great that house plants have become a must have to make a house a home, but what do you do if your plants are so happy they are growing too big? Propagate!

Green is the new black!

Propagating, or taking cuttings, from some common house plants is easier than you may think. It is a perfect process to create multiple plants from one original for gifting or to curb growth if you have limited space.

Spider Plants



Spider plants and Pothos are common house plants which are a great place to start. If your Spider plant has produced babies simply snip the stem and pop in some water, they will easily root and be ready to plant into soil in no time.

Monstera Deliciosa Propagation



Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) is a beautiful addition to your home and also one of the easiest houseplants to propagate. You can usually see a root growing from the leaf joints on the stems, this is the part which will grow a new plant.

After cutting but before planting your cuttings into soil, pop them into a vase of water, gritty compost mix, clay pebbles or similar. You will soon see fresh root grow!

Responsibly sourced


We love using Shell On Earth for our planting and propagation. Shell on Earth is a small family business using the crushed whelk shells generated at their seafood processing factory and recycle them for use in gardens and landscaping. Both beautiful and sustainable! Find them here!


Plants are a great stress reliever and we would firmly recommend investing in some, not just now during the quarantine but beyond then too!

Grow your own!

Seeing as we currently can’t go to our local plant shops there are many companies which deliver direct to your door, with no direct contact. Here are some of our tried and tested favourites:

London House Plants

The Stem

Beards and Daisies

Patch Plants