With the big day coming up, there's no shortage of exciting things to plan and consider. Inviting guests, venue viewings, dress shopping and everything else that goes into a wedding can make buying the actual wedding rings feel like an afterthought. But wedding rings are a symbol of eternal love and commitment, so it's important to make sure the ones you buy are right for you.

We’ve broken down some wedding band shopping tips and our own thoughts on the process to make it easier for you and your partner.

When to buy your wedding rings

It's generally recommended that wedding rings are purchased around three to four months before your wedding day, but this advice varies depending on where you get it! Some sources will say that a year to six months before is preferable, and ultimately, if you're short on time and don't have strong opinions on a dream ring, then it's also perfectly possible to pick up wedding bands a couple of weeks before.

Of course, the earlier you start looking, the longer you'll have to find your perfect wedding bands, and giving yourself more time than needed will allow you to research different rings and brands.

If you choose to include a personal touch by having engraved or bespoke wedding rings, you will need to make sure that you give the jeweller plenty of time to create them, as it will likely take longer. Similarly, if the place you buy your rings from is popular with a high demand, they may also need to allocate more time.

At Wild Fawn, our ethical wedding rings are made-to-order, so while there's no one 'right time', we advise buying them at least 6 weeks before your wedding date, as they take around 3-6 weeks. Our bespoke wedding rings timescale is design-dependent, but also tends to be around 3-6 weeks once the design is agreed. We're always happy to chat if you have a specific deadline in mind!



How much to spend on your wedding rings

There are several elements that will contribute to the price of the wedding bands; the metal type, the carats, the design choice, the brand you're buying from, the band size and width. Bespoke rings, gemstones and engravings will generally be a more expensive option than opting for a ready-made or simple design.

Choosing to shop with a brand that makes their wedding rings ethically and sustainably is another consideration that can affect the price. With ethical jewellery, the metals used are either recycled - which is better for the environment - or can be traced back to their source. The goal is to minimise the environmental impact and carbon emissions, and ensure that the supply chain provides fair pay and safe working conditions for all those involved in the production of the ring. The price will reflect this. This is something that is extremely important to us at Wild Fawn and we firmly believe that the perfect ring isn't perfect unless it's ethical. 

How much does the average wedding ring cost?

The average amount spent by couples on wedding rings in the UK is £1000 - so around £500 per ring - but outside of the averages, prices vary significantly. It's possible to pick up a wedding ring for £100 and equally possible to spend thousands of pounds.

At Wild Fawn, our customers spend anything from £260 to £1000 on an ethical wedding ring, so there's something to suit a variety of budgets.

How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

Ultimately, what you spend on your wedding rings is a entirely a personal choice and you should never feel pressured into spending a certain amount. Unlike with engagement rings, there is no traditional way of gauging what you 'should' spend (and even if there was, you wouldn't have to stick to it!). Whether you have a smaller or larger budget, what the rings symbolise is the important thing to remember.

There are many costs to consider when wedding planning, so it's important to think about how important the rings are to the two of you personally when compared with other elements of the wedding, and factor them into your budget from there.


9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Open Wedding Ring


Who buys the wedding rings?

It has become popular for couples to do the wedding band shopping together, especially if they would like their weddings rings to match or complement one another. This can make for a really happy experience and a lovely memory as part of the lead-up.

With everything that goes into wedding planning, it's also common for one partner to take on certain duties and the other to look after different tasks, so either one of you could take responsibility for buying the rings. We'd definitely suggest making the key decisions together if you're going to buy them solo.

If one of you is taking responsibility for the rings, it's worth discussing beforehand whether you would like it to coordinate with the engagement ring. Either way, make sure the person buying is aware that the metal of the wedding ring should ideally match the metal of the engagement ring on the Mohs hardness scale to avoid one scratching the other.

Who pays? The etiquette for buying wedding rings

Traditionally, the cost of the wedding rings is split between the couple and their families - or the couple will pay for each others rings. But more recently, couples will either pay together with shared wedding expenses, split the cost of the total or one will cover the cost of the rings, the other will pay for something else of a similar expense. Remember that despite any etiquette or perceived 'rules', it really is all down to what works for the two of you.


9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Open Wedding Ring


Where to buy a wedding ring

There are many different options for places to buy your wedding rings, and again it fundamentally comes down to what feels right to you and what kind of wedding rings you are looking for. There are high street shops, online stores, boutique or vintage jewellers and luxury brands all vying for your custom when it comes to wedding rings, so think about the brand, the styles they offer and any shared values in order to meet your requirements.

While there's no shortage of options for where to buy your ring, you can begin narrowing it down by considering what's important to you. Not all brands will offer personalisation or engraving, just as not all will offer a particular metal or stone you might be looking for.

Wild Fawn offers a range of timeless ethical jewellery, including the option to create your own bespoke engagement and wedding rings, which means you can enjoy wearing your rings whilst supporting a sustainable jewellery business.

If you’re looking to buy ethical rings for you and your partner, handmade by mindful women using responsibly sourced materials, browse our range of wedding rings today.