Meet Our Team


Emma Barnes -


Emma founded Wild Fawn in 2015 and has been working hard on the brand ever since. On a day-to-day basis Emma replies to emails, manages accounts, designs new collections, and, of course, makes all of your lovely website orders here in London. When she's not dreaming up new jewellery designs, Emma can be found stripping layers of wallpaper in the house she's renovating in South East London.


Melodie - Studio Manager

Melodie coordinates and packs wholesale orders for our stockists and also helps Emma to pack website orders. She's the absolute queen of organisation (essential in a workshop with hundreds of little pieces of jewellery) and finds no greater happiness in this world than finding out all of the jewellery has been made so she can complete a wholesale order!


Rebecca - Digital Design Coordinator

What’s in a title? Rebecca is the newest addition to our studio - managing all things visual from in-house content creation to website updates and everything in-between. There is no task too big or too small for her because she knows working for a growing business is the most rewarding work.


Harriet - Silversmith

Harriet is our lovely silversmith who creates all wholesale orders. If you see a piece of our jewellery in a shop then it's more than likely that Harriet has made it! Harriet works here in the workshop but sometimes works from her bench at home so she can keep her beautiful British shorthair cat company.


Jinny - Studio Assistant

Wholesale orders never overcome us when Jinny is in the studio. Her Border Terrier, Ham, is less hardworking however, often escaping the studio in search of food and new friends.