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5 Pieces the Wild Fawn Team are Currently Coveting

5 Pieces the Wild Fawn Team are Currently Coveting

Although we adore every piece of Wild Fawn jewellery we can't help but have our favourites, and of course you, our lovely followers are the same. If you are having trouble deciding on your current favourite pieces, these are some of the team’s favourites to help inspire you.

“My favourites are the delicate Ornate Dainty Stud Earrings. I love how they have an ancient feel and tiny detail to them but are still minimalistic, my favourite style!”   -  Emma

Wild Fawn Jewellery recycled solid gold dainty ancient greek inspired stud earrings


“Being lucky enough to design the new collections, my favourites are often pieces which aren’t available to buy yet! However at the minute I feel particularly connected to the Medusa pieces, especially the Silver Medusa Drop Hoops, I am  forever inspired by mythological female figures of the past.”   -  Rebecca

Wild Fawn Jewellery recycled solid sterling silver dainty ancient greek medusa inspired drop hoop earrings


“I love our Personalised Eternally Friends Pendant Necklace. The ancient Greek look is just so beautiful and the three goddesses depicted in the pendant remind me of the strong females in my life.”   -  Rachel

Wild Fawn Jewellery recycled solid gold ancient greek inspired friendship engraved pendant necklace


“I love all of our engagement rings especially the traditional elegant design of the Green Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring, adorned uniquely with a coloured gemstone rather than a classic diamond. I’ve very ‘subtly’ hinted an engagement ring refresh for my 10 year wedding anniversary!”   -  Sofia 

Wild Fawn Jewellery recycled solid gold green sapphire and lab grown diamond engagement ring


“My favourite piece right now is our 9ct Gold Laurel Wreath Pearl Stud Earrings. They’re a perfect balance of a statement piece that is still quite classic but my favourite part is the movement of the pearls when you’re wearing them!”   -  Jenn

Wild Fawn Jewellery recycled solid gold statement ancient greek inspired pearl laurel wreath stud earrings


We hope you love this selection of pieces as much as we do. Why not explore our current collections for your new favourite piece? Whether you are silver obsessed or a gold lover we believe we have something for everyone to connect and fall in love with.