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New Year, Same You

New Year, Same You

As the year rolls over from one to the next, it’s easy to get swept up in the transition. We think of extravagant New Year’s resolutions and plan changes that will improve our lives, throwing ourselves into rigorous January health and fitness challenges. The world has been in chaos for longer than any of us imagined, with so much of it completely out of our control. So, it makes sense that taking the reins on these types of personal changes feels comforting, and can make the chaos seem a whole lot more manageable.  

Searching for personal growth should always be encouraged and applauded. But, there is something to be said for taking a second to reflect on what you’ve already achieved, the things you already have and the people you know and love.

Acknowledging your good qualities can be a powerful exercise for self compassion. So, to start the year as we mean to go on, the Wild Fawn Team sat down and did exactly that! We thought about the aspects of ourselves we’re most proud of, and what we are going to bring forward into 2022.

Emma (Founder)

I’m proud of my efforts to be conscious about my environmental impact. I'm lucky enough to have a garden, so I will be growing even more vegetables this year to cut my carbon footprint. I'm also going to bulk buy the compost so it comes in one big bag to reduce the need for buying lots of smaller compost bags that are wrapped with plastic. I'm making it my mission not to throw out any food too, even if it means cooking and then freezing it for another day. 

I also love my creativity and how it allows me to express myself. I’ve rediscovered my drawing and painting supplies, so this year I’m aiming to do one painting a week. Hopefully muscle memory will kick in and it won't be long 'til I get to the skill level I was at about 10 years ago!

Rebecca (Creative & Products Manager)

My creative brain! Although it wasn't very helpful with the academics of school, I love that I can see beauty and opportunities for creativity in every aspect of life. I can turn my hand to most crafts and materials to create pieces of art I can be proud of. I have a seemingly bottomless well of ideas and inspiration, perfect for when I'm designing new jewellery collections. I’m excited to see what my brain will come up with this year! 


Sofia (Operations Manager)

Some of my favourite qualities I have are my positivity and ability to not take life too seriously. I try not to let the small things phase me, there is more to life than stressing over little inconveniences. Last year, I allowed myself to understand that self-care isn’t selfish, that it’s ok to not feel guilty if I’m not immediately available for other people. You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others. 


Rachel (Silversmith)

I am caring, loyal and empathetic. I'm at my happiest when everyone around me is happy, so I guess I try my best to work on that where ever I am! I will definitely be bringing this with me into 2022.


Molly (Social Media & Marketing Co-ordinator)

Lots happened for me last year (as with everyone!). I’m proud of my resilience and strength navigating it all. I’m also kind and thoughtful, I always try to think about the impact my actions will have on others. This year I want to be more conscious about how I spend my spare time and not put too much pressure on myself! 


Jenn (Studio Assistant) 

I think that I am very good at embracing change, even when it is unexpected, which has been a great quality to have over the last couple of years! I try my best to remember to live in the moment and not to worry about how I'm being perceived. I also love reading, and want to spend more time on that this year. 


Whilst it's great to have goals to aim for each year, make sure you set aside the time to celebrate all the amazing qualities you already have. If you're struggling to get started, just remember that you are kind, you are caring, you are strong. Here's to 2022!