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Matching an Engagement Ring to Their Personality

Matching an Engagement Ring to Their Personality

Wondering 'how to choose an engagement ring'? A proposal ring is so much more than the sum of it's parts, it will always represent this time in your life and the love you share but it should be even more than this, it should match their personality perfectly, showing them how much you understand them and pay attention. 

This blog will guide you through the daunting task of choosing an engagement ring design – from central stone to metal, setting style, gemstones and all the details in-between. Our insights will help you explore all the options until you decide on the engagement ring that matches their unique personality.

Ring Style and Shape

There are endless engagement ring varieties to choose from, but three styles in particular ooze timeless bridal class.

ethical sapphire solitaire engagement ring handmade in uk

A solitaire ring is characterised by a single gemstone sitting proudly on any myriad of band styles. Much like the bright clear diamond option, this style is a timeless classic, perfect for the soon-to-be newlywed who appreciates traditional and understated design. Our 9ct Gold Two Tone Blue Sapphire Solitaire Entwined Engagement Ring is a modern twist on a solitaire ring, the stone is ethically sourced and completely unique, not two twill ever be exactly the same.

The trilogy sees a slightly elevated central stone flanked by two smaller stones. The three gems in the trilogy setting represent the past, the present and the future; perfect for the sentimental bride and groom who appreciates romantic symbolism and jewellery that packs meaning. By far our most popular style, we have multiple three stone rings available to buy but the Green Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring has been the most sought after.

The 9ct Gold Pink and Green Asymmetric Cluster Engagement Ring is a perfect example of an asymmetric cluster style. Fitting for the bold and the brave who want to make a statement and go against the grain. These unusual hues are a guaranteed conversation-starter; perfect for someone who enjoys breaking the mould.

Ethical handmade unique alternative engagement ring

Maybe the stone is not where you want the point of interest, the band can be just as interesting, whether its a woven and twisted band, unique hammered texture or something more organic you have multiple options for adding detail to the engagement ring band. The 9ct Gold Green Bi-Colour Sapphire Solitaire Organic Engagement Ring is a great example of an organic band adding beautiful detail to a solitaire stone.

Chunky unisex rings are a popular gender-neutral option. Bold forms and large gemstones can help to make a serious statement for the man, woman or person in your life. Our Green Tourmaline Three Stone Statement Engagement Ring is the perfect ring to fit into this category. It was snapped up almost as soon as we released it so if you would like to discuss commissioning something similar please get in touch.

We can make a ring with a number of different metals, 9ct or 18ct, yellow, rose or white gold, not forgetting platinum. The colour they would prefer is very important but you will likely be able to guess from the jewellery they were daily.


We recommend starting in the middle and working out. The central stone is possibly the most important detail.

Colourless and clear diamonds are an engagement ring classic; timeless, elegant and sophisticated. If they tend to favour the traditional, a ring set with a brilliant white diamond is a safe bet that will not disappoint. Our ethically lab-grown 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring is the perfect mix of a classic design with a twist, the addition of multiple tiny diamonds either side of the central stone adds so much shine and interest and definitely turns heads.

One-of-a-kind lab grown diamond engagement rings, handmade in London UK. Classic with a twist for the alternative bride.

Coloured gemstones are becoming more and more popular with brides and grooms wanting something unusual which pops and is an alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring

Green stones are often preferred by nature lovers and pair perfectly with pinks and clear diamonds. An ethically-sourced green tourmaline with pastel pink or soft white as in the 9ct Gold Green Tourmaline Marquise Delicate Engagement Ring would fit seamlessly into the wardrobe of somebody elegant and feminine.

Blue sapphires are regal and are thought to symbolise nobility, trust and faithfulness, making it a solid choice for someone who’s always dreamt of being a prince or princess with their very own Happily Ever After. The 18ct White Gold Blue Sapphire Baguette Three Stone Engagement Ring would be an excellent choice for this type of personality.

ethical handmade blue sapphire sustainable engagement ring handmade in London


Red is the colour of our most intense emotions: love, anger and passion. It’s a shade associated with objects of power and desire, the ruby is a sultry, sumptuous choice, paired with a pointed chevron band the Ruby Solitaire Chevron Engagement Ring has a striking silhouette makes it perfect for those with a lust for life.

Setting Style

A claw setting is designed to enhance a gemstone’s natural radiance by allowing light to enter at every angle. It’s ideal for those who want to dazzle. However, these settings, also known as prong settings, are somewhat delicate and aren’t the most practical pick for somebody who works with her hands or plays a lot of sport.

The classic six-prong setting of the 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring is a quintessential feature of a traditional solitaire, perfect for those who appreciate timeless design with a modern twist.

The rub-over setting secures the gemstone in a metal casing which is folded all the way around, the stone is surrounded by metal, creating a smooth profile. Though slightly more modest than a pronged mount, this contemporary and streamlines setting like in the 9ct Gold Green Bi-Colour Sapphire Solitaire Organic Engagement Ring i is an ideal pick for those who are practical and low maintenance.

unique ethically sourced conflict free gemstone handmade ring

The Little Extras

You know your partner better than anybody else in the world. Maybe there is a meaningful inside joke or something personal you’d like to say with a custom inner-band engraving

Whether you choose from our ready to ship rings or commission a completely unique bespoke ring we know you will make the right choice and with our help you can create something that perfectly reflects them and your love.