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How To Figure Out Your Partner's Ring Size

How To Figure Out Your Partner's Ring Size

Choosing an engagement ring can feel daunting, whether you have had help or gone it alone. Now that you have done your research, found the perfect ring for them, you've planned the perfect proposal, everything is coming together but you're thinking “how do I figure out my partner’s ring size?”.

In an ideal world, an accurate ring size would be gleaned by a jeweller but if you are hoping for it to be a surprise, we put together this guide to help you overcome this issue so it doesn't get in the way of your perfect moment.

Ethical handmade sustainable engagement rings

The Detective Option

Does your partner wear rings everyday? Looking at an existing ring can offer a loose indication of hand size if you can get your hands on one. Just be sure to make note of the finger and hand that it’s worn on; these details can help figure it out. If you can find the size of a ring worn on their right hand ring finger (engagement rings are worn on the left) that will be even better. 

You can also look at our ring sizing page and use our printable sizing guide. Be sure to print the document to scale and follow all of the instructions carefully if you opt for this method. It can be a great and discreet way to use a ring to find their size.

Ask Friends or Family

You may have already had help from their friends or family in choosing the perfect ring. They could have invaluable knowledge of your partner’s ring size from previous conversations or years of buying them presents, or at the very least they could make an educated guess based on their own ring size. This may be difficult if you want to keep it a secret but is a great option for those trusted friends and family members, it can also be a great way to bond with them.

Just Ask!

Why not be bold and just ask? If you have been openly discussing marriage up to now, you could of course just come right out and ask. This will not negate the magic when the proposal eventually happens, the simple question of ring size can be discussed without giving away any of the juicy details.

More and more becoming engagement is a decision come to mutually and couples often choose a ring together from the start. Why not book a consultation in our studio so you can get expertly sized for both engagement ring and wedding bands

If you would prefer for them not to know you have chosen to go with an ethically handmade engagement ring you could pop to a local jeweller for sizing or contact us for more details about receiving a ring sizer in the post.

Ethical handmade sustainable engagement rings
If you opt for the DIY approach to measuring, there are some important tips we can offer:

- Measure at room temperature

When we're hot, our fingers swell and when cold, they shrink. To choose the most accurate measurement possible, try to only trust a size when you're feeling like normal temperature. 

- Width makes a difference

Generally speaking, the wider the band, the tighter the fit. If the ring you plan on buying is significantly wider than whatever you are using to measure the size, it might be worth allowing an additional half size larger for comfort.

- Eer on the small side

If you will be wearing the ring every day, we generally advise aiming for the smallest size possible. You shouldn’t be deterred by a slight push to get the ring over the knuckle, depending on your finger size this is normal, just make sure there is no wiggle room once the ring is sitting at the base of their finger, this means it won't slip off during winter months when your fingers are cold. This applies especially to engagement rings, which are top-heavy and tend to spin if they don’t fit perfectly. Even after you have bought your ring, if you find the stones are spinning around onto your palm your ring is too large. 

If a ring needs resizing only slightly it is much easier to make it larger than smaller so if you are a little unsure what the best size could be, a half size smaller would be a good bet.

And if all else fails don't worry, we offer one free resizing of our engagement rings if it is not the perfect fit. 

We hope this guide has been helpful in figuring out the right size for your partner, if you are planning on popping the question soon we are here to help with any lingering questions you may have, contact us or book a bespoke consultation if you want to create something unique. If you still need some inspiration have a look at our current batch of engagement rings.