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Tips for choosing jewellery for your wedding

Tips for choosing jewellery for your wedding

We know being a bride can be a stressful time of life, trying to juggle flower deliveries and RSVP's, let alone the in-laws. We want to make one choice that little bit easier for you; choosing the jewellery you wear on your big day. Plus you can rest easy knowing your jewellery was ethically and sustainably handmade in London.

So we have put together this list of ideas and tips to help and inspire you: 

1. Always remember less is more

You hear the phrase 'less is more' a lot but when it comes to your big day it really does hold true. Jewellery should complement your dress and hair, not overwhelm them. If you have a high neckline you could opt for a pair of drop earrings rather than a necklace. If you have a heavily decorated or detailed dress, it will look best with simple jewellery. On the other hand, a simple gown allows you to wear big statement items.  

Wild Fawn ethical handmade sustainable wedding bridal jewellery

2. Match your metal to your dress

If you don't already have a favourite and cannot decide between silver and gold, then let the dress choose for you. A bright white dress will look perfect with shiny white metals like silver, white gold or platinum. Yellow gold goes beautifully with an ivory outfit. Rose gold works well with vintage or unique dresses that have unusual detailing or colourful underlay.

If there’s a particular piece of jewellery you know you’ll want to wear on your big day, we recommend bringing it along while dress shopping, that way there’s no risk of it clashing.

3. Something old, new, borrowed and blue

Do you have a piece of heirloom jewellery that you inherited from someone you love? Your wedding day is the perfect time to wear grandmother’s pearl earrings or your mothers locket. If you don’t have a piece like this then maybe it's time to start a new tradition. Invest in an item of jewellery that you can pass down and will become your family’s heirloom, even better it will always remind you of your wedding day. If an heirloom piece is being handed down to you for your wedding day, meaning you’re not just borrowing it, why consider working with us to remake it into something fresh which is more in line with your personal style. Find out more about bespoke jewellery here.

4. Go for something you'll wear later

Clever brides choose jewellery they will wear again and again long after their wedding. Classic designs are always a safe choice but trust your style and invest in pieces which will complement your wardrobe. 

5. Comfort is key

It's going to be a long day full of festivities so choose jewellery that's comfortable. Heavy and oversized jewellery can be cumbersome, especially on the dance floor. Choose lighter necklaces in different lengths and layer them or earrings which don't tug your earlobes.

6. Trust yourself 

Last but not least, always trust yourself when buying jewellery. Family and friends may voice strong opinions about your ensemble but it's important to take the time to choose jewellery pieces you love rather than pleasing someone else. This is your day and your time to shine your way.

We hope these tips have helped. You can shop our bridal collection now. If you have any questions or simply want to tell us about your Wild Fawn bridal jewellery get in touch.