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Can You Fix My Old Broken Jewellery?

Can You Fix My Old Broken Jewellery?

Wild Fawn is on a mission to slow down the jewellery industry and encourage less waste. We are a local London jeweller, our jewellery is handmade in our studio and our values as a brand have always been to create jewellery that lasts forever and that’s why we use recycled and traceable sterling silver or solid gold. This way, with us you can make the sustainable choice to repair or reuse your pieces rather than throwing them away.

We’re always asked ‘can you fix broken jewellery?’ and luckily, most of the time it’s a yes as long as it’s solid silver or gold. If it can’t be fixed, it can be melted down and made into something new.


Heirlooms Wild Fawn Jewellery


Our founder, Emma Barnes, has always been passionate about reusing and recycling whether it’s a Wild Fawn piece or not. “I love it when customers get in touch about fixing or reshaping their favourite pieces to make it wearable again. Jewellery can be an extension of ourselves and when it breaks it can be heartbreaking. Our brand is all about making those considered purchases that you know will last a lifetime and this extends to other jewellery that holds meaning to our customers too”.

“One of the benefits of having our own silversmithing expertise and workshop in our office is the flexibility we have to repair and advise our customers about the heirloom jewellery they already love” says Emma. 


Emma and Rachel Wild Fawn Jewellery Workshop


We’re working everyday to change how people view jewellery which is a cog in the machine of over consumption but our brand is all about slowing that down, creating jewellery that isn’t solely trend-led but designed to make you feel amazing for years to come.

So whether it’s a broken ear pin, a clasp that needs replacing or simply bringing a piece of jewellery back to life with a deep polish, we’re always here to chat about how we can make it possible. You can email workshop@wildfawnjewellery.com or call us on 07786 510967.