The Revolution Collection

Designed in our studio using the ancient lost wax method and cast in solid gold and silver - meet your newest ethical jewellery box additions.


Transparently and ethically made to order in the UK.


On orders over £150.


We've covered these for all EU delivery addresses.

Tell your story, your way

Engrave a personal and meaningful message on our solid gold and silver jewellery.

Shining in silver

Recycled sterling silver jewellery designed to shine bright in the summer sun.

Waterproof solid gold jewellery

Our solid gold jewellery is never plated so the colour will never fade during those long hot Summer days.

Ceremonial Jewellery

Bridal, wedding and commitment jewellery as unique and as you are, handmade with care and consideration for the long-lasting meaning & significance of each piece. No matter how you identify, we support all forms of love and would be honoured to be a part of your story.

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What our customers are saying

"Just lovely" - Lizzie

The earrings are perfect for daily wear. They feel sturdy but look delicate. Just what I’ve been after. They came so beautifully packaged which was a gorgeous touch and felt like real luxury. Would 100% recommend.

"Stunning" - Kate

Really stunning pendant. My husband bought this for my birthday and it is beautiful in every way.

"My wife loves them" - Christopher

Bought as a mother's Day gift and she has not taken them out since. The earrings are amazing and the service was too. She is extremely happy and they look great.

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