Team Picnic

Our team is the most important part of Wild Fawn (apart from our lovely customers that is!) so now that lockdown is lifting & groups can meet outdoors again we want to plan lovely treats & take some time away from the studio. On our first outing we took advantage of some unseasonably warm weather with a picnic in our local park in South East London.

The team has grown over lockdown so it was so lovely for us all to get out of the office for the afternoon & enjoy the sunshine together. I'm very proud of my fantastic team & here's to more Prosecco on the park this Summer!

- Emma

With the past year we have had, we decided to take some time to enjoy the sun & the reunion of our studio. We realise how important team bonding is to keep our creative juices flowing & to keep our our minds fresh, it was a pleasure to shoot our lovely team whilst we feast for a picnic.

- Nilly

Having started this job working from home, this was a lovely way to meet the team & get to know everyone better (the beautiful weather & yummy cakes were a plus!)

- Sofia

"It was lovely to feel the sun on my face & be reminded of how relaxed & at ease I feel around the people I work along side with."

- Rachel

"After months of lockdown & working from home it was wonderful to reconnect & get back to being, not just colleagues, but being friends."

- Rebecca

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