Our Commitments

Wild Fawn is, and has always been, committed to creating timeless jewellery with little use of resources and minimal impact on the environment. Throughout the years, we have put our ethics and philosophy at the front of our minds when growing the brand. We are always making efforts to improve, today, we are proud of what we’ve achieved and the ethical practices we have at the heart our business and we hope to inspire other businesses to join us on our sustainability journey.

Materials & Production

We take pride in making our jewellery by hand in a sustainable way, using the most eco-conscious materials and production methods possible. We put planet-friendly processes above profits.

Quality & longevity

Our designs are timeless and made to be durable and wearable from one season to the other. We provide advice when the metal tarnishes and we offer repairs when your piece shows any defect other than wear and tear. All the pieces are made in silver or gold and these materials can be melted to be made as another piece or recycled.

Our Materials

We do our best to only use responsibly sourced materials to minimise our impact to the environment to the point where if we can't find it ethically sourced, we wont use it. We are a registered Fairtrade Gold business, which means that the gold we used to make each piece of jewellery is either recycled or produced fairly and transparently. We use recycled Silver and eco Silver wherever possible and all scrap of metal gets melted down by us or our casters and reused to make new pieces of jewellery.

We use 'above ground' traceable gemstones and we are in constant communication with our suppliers to make sure we use the best quality and the most sustainable option.

Made in the UK

Our jewellery is handmade by our silversmiths in our very own studio in South East London. By making it ourselves, we guarantee quality over quantity, we can repair and advice. We value local production and only work with UK suppliers and casters.

We want to make positive, sustainable products accessible, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible.

The majority of our jewellery is made to order, so, we never over produce.

Eco Friendly Studio

Our studio is very energy efficient, we make efforts to conserve and reduce our water usage and we only use radiators when necessary on cold Winter days.

We use planet-friendly or chemical-free alternatives wherever possible. We minimise the use of solvents, lead-based paints and phasing out chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other ozone-depleting substances. We also aim to use timber or wood products from sustainable forests.

Our team puts a lot of effort into, not only, recycling day to day waste in the studio, but also making an effort to reduce waste in the first place by only printing when necessary, reusing paper and postal packaging where possible.

Even our microwave is certified eco-friendly!

Furthermore, to help alleviate damage done but utilities and processes out of our control we have signed up to #pledgeforourplanet from B1G1 which not only offsets our carbon footprint but does good for the world. Last year our contribution provided 1,440 of solar lighting to underprivileged people, planted 62 trees worldwide plus 48 fruit trees in Malawi and saved 12kg of good food from going to landfill.

We have so many plans for the future to do better for the planet!

Low Carbon footprint

We reduce our impact on the planet by reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, and offset the footprint we do make with the B1G1 initiative. We work with UK suppliers wherever possible and we keep production local, the vast majority of our jewellery being produced by us in our studio in South East London. If we need to order from EU suppliers we order in bulk to cut unnecessary and excess CO2 emissions from delivery.


Our beautiful new white boxes are handmade by a wonderful group of women in Bali using 100% post consumer recycled paper collected from schools, offices, hotels and homes around Bali. It is coloured using natural dyes taken from the earth, roots and leaves, and is textured with the addition of sustainable plant fibers such as bamboo and flower petals.

Our brown packaging is recyclable or made from recycled material and our postal envelopes and printing paper are FSC certified and our tape is paper and natural gum and can be recycled with the postage envelope. We’ve replaced foam box fillers with fabric pouches and paper wraps to ensure our packaging is plastic-free.

We aim to minimise our waste in every way we can. We prioritise suppliers that can send plastic-free packaging.


We value people and communities highly, we aim to be fully inclusive and conscious of the impact we have on folk, be it our team, our suppliers and our customers.

Fair Practices

Wild Fawn’s founder, Emma, is a registered Fairtrade Gold user, Fairtrade Gold helps to build miners futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and most importantly, to make their own way to prosperity.

We ensure our UK casters, freelance outworkers and suppliers work in safe and comfortable surroundings, always more than fairly compensated for their work and never exploited.

We operate in a friendly, safe and respectful studio environment with fair wages and no discrimination. We offer equal opportunities to employees and encourage individuals to develop skills by offering training and by developing team projects where everyone can participate.

The cutting and processing of gem materials is now done in controlled environments where modern equipment and employment law is the norm. This has eliminated the problems of exploitation and child labour.

We have taken the decision to buy the majority of our gemstones from 'above ground' suppliers to eliminate any possibility of child labour or inhumane working practices to make our jewellery. For any gemstones we purchase that are taken from the ground, we use a reputable supplier where each gemstone is traced and produced in more than fair working conditions.

Giving back

We regularly engage with charitable causes both individually and as a business. Often creating new capsule collections, the proceeds of which are donated to a charitable cause, the most recent of which was for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and more recently Endometriosis UK. More recently each member of Wild Fawn is supporting the charity of their choice, in their own way donating, raising funds and just giving a bit of their time each month to support good causes.

Raising Awareness

Wild fawn’s team is passionate about sustainability and on a mission to raise awareness by sharing information via blog posts on the brand’s website and social media. We want to inform our customers and followers to help them make more conscious decisions and lead a more sustainable lives.

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