Meet Our Team

Wild Fawn is so proud to be a female founded and led business, we put female voices & experiences at the heart of everything we do. Our team is diverse, creative and committed to making the brand as ethical and eco-friendly as possible.

Emma Barnes -
Founder & Sustainability Leader

Emma founded Wild Fawn in 2015 here in London & has been working hard on the brand ever since. From one woman band to having a team of four supporting her, Emma has been focused on being as sustainable & eco-friendly as possible since the beginning. Day-to-day Emma manages the business, wholesale accounts, designs new collections & of course, thinks big about the future of Wild Fawn! When it gets busy, she still loves making your orders too. When she's not dreaming up new jewellery designs, Emma can be found with in South East London walking her cheeky cockerpoo puppy, Margot.

What’s your Zodiac symbol, do you think your personality is typical to this sign? It's scary how much of a classic Virgo I am..I downloaded the Co-Star and Pattern apps and had to delete them because I felt like they could see into my soul!

What’s currently your favourite Wild Fawn piece? In the current collection I love the wrapped hoop studs but I'm so excited for the new collection as it has some beautiful hand-formed pieces in it that I've already been wearing non-stop!

Your role has changed hugely over the years, currently what's your favourite part?
I love how it's always changing. Introducing new members to the team is one of the most satisfying things about running Wild Fawn - can there really be anything better than having amazing, enthusiastic people on board working alongside you for a shared cause? Another part I love is thinking up new collaborations, jewellery designs and our weekly team meals where we all sit down and have lunch together that one of us has brought in from home.

Why is it important to you to work for a sustainable business?
It's interesting to see how lots of brands are now changing their practices to be more eco-friendly and sustainable, but only now it's what the consumer is demanding. I'm just so so proud that Wild Fawn started with sustainability at its heart.  All of our processes and choices have been revolving around being kind to the planet from day one, which I know our long-term customers have loved and why they always come back to us. 

Rebecca - Creative & Product Manager

Silversmith, photographer & all round creative, Rebecca has a passion for all things handmade! She creates & manages everything visual; shooting our photoshoots, creating our look books, managing the website graphics, social media & marketing calendar. Rebecca works with Emma to design & create new collections & often steps into the workshop to help make your orders when it gets busy!

What’s your Zodiac symbol, do you think your personality is typical to this sign? I’m a Leo, a fairly quintessential Loe I would say: ambitious, loyal and big-hearted! Although the recently addition of a 13th Star Sign (I had no idea either!) has made me a Cancer: intuitive, overly sensitive, vindictive, actually maybe there’s something in that :p

What’s currently your favourite Wild Fawn piece? My favourite pieces are always the most recent pieces i’ve designed which are yet to launch! I wear the new Organic Oval Earrings almost everyday, my go to earrings.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be? When i was young i wished i could be a musical prodigy, I would love to be able to pick up any instrument and play.

Rachel - Silversmith

Nature lover & avid camper, Rachel is our lovely silversmith. Wild Fawn’s first full time Silversmith (apart from Emma of course!). Day to day she makes your wholesale and retail orders so if you receive a piece of jewellery from us then it's likely that Rachel has made it!

What’s your Zodiac symbol, do you think your personality is typical to this sign? I'm a Leo, I reckon my personality is pretty Leo. Although you might have to get to know me a bit before you agree 😜

What’s currently your favourite Wild Fawn piece? I love all the stacking rings! I want them all!

Got any phobias you’d like to break? I'm scared of spiders! But I also find them really fascinating, if only i could look at them without crunching up all my toes and closing my eyes tight!

Sofia - Operations Manager

Baking and make up enthusiast, Sofia is tackling the task of organising and improving how Wild Fawn operates behind the scenes as we grow to make sure everything runs smoothly and it is as easy as possible to shop with us. She can also cut a very satisfying video transition!

What’s your Zodiac symbol, do you think your personality is typical to this sign? A Leo! I’m not big on star signs but people close to me have always described me with personality traits typical to a Leo.

What’s currently your favourite Wild Fawn piece? It has to be the Organic Medallion necklaces from the new collection! I absolutely love the organic take on the trendy piece and it’s even more special with the fingerprints and markings of the makers - couldn’t be any more meaningful and authentic!

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be? Amongst a hundred other skills, I would love to learn calligraphy just for the sake of writing prettier greeting cards (I have the worst handwriting and blame technology)

Molly - Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Molly is our social media wiz, posting on all our platforms, recording reels and tiktoks, why not say hi next time you're on Instagram! When she is not snowboarding or hiking up mountains you can find her crafting, doing yoga or catching up with loved ones.

What’s your Zodiac symbol, do you think your personality is typical to this sign? 

My Zodiac sign is Virgo and I have been told that I am a very stereotypical Virgo in some respects! I surprise myself with how organised I can be, and would like to say that I have a kind heart. But I am also not too familiar with the Zodiac personality traits, I know I am an ENFP on the Myers Briggs one! 

What’s your favourite Wild Fawn piece so far?

I love the Statement Link Choker Necklace so much. It is bold but also elegant, my kind of jewellery. 

When are you at your happiest?

I am happiest when I am surrounded by beautiful nature, with nothing to do other than to soak it all in.

Jenn - Studio Assistant

Jenn is the newest member of the team but she has quickly made herself invaluable to us. Carefully picking, wrapping and sending all your orders. Managing customer care and even turning her hand to making our jewellery when Rachel needs some help. Jenn is a truly talented musician who keeps us calm and organised during busy periods.

What’s your zodiac symbol?

I am a classic Pisces; creative, romantic, and always in my emotions (all of them!). But I’ve always tried to make myself a well-rounded person and love surrounding myself with people who feel the same.

Tell us about your musical side.
I’ve been ‘doing’ music for most of my life. It’s often where I get to feel those emotions and it has given me so many experiences I never thought I’d have. My favourite thing to do is either belt out old tunes or jam on my piano.

What’s your favourite Wild Fawn Piece so far?
My favourite piece so far is the Friendship Ring - I have the gold and my sister has the silver.

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