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What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Rings

What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Rings

After the excitement of the proposal and engagement comes the wedding bands, have you found yourselves wondering how to choose a wedding ring, asking which way should you wear your wedding and engagement rings or what makes a ring ethical? We have created this guide to explore the things to consider when buying wedding rings in hopes it helps make the process clear and hassle free.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many traditions and 'rules' which feel like they need to be followed. From the colour of the wedding dress to the first dance song. While there’s nothing wrong with honouring tradition, there’s nothing stopping you from breaking the mould and doing exactly what feels right to you, especially when choosing your wedding rings.

Long into the future your wedding rings will be there as a symbol of your love — so it’s important to love the rings you choose. If that means wearing it differently, choosing an alternative design or getting a secret engraved message on the inside, then hopefully this guide will help you be bold and brave enough to throw caution to the wind and create something which suits you both as individuals. 

wedding bands

Styles of wedding rings

Deciding on the style of ring you want is one of the first steps in finding your perfect ring. Among the available alternative wedding rings, you’ll find the following styles:

Dainty: Maybe you have small hands or maybe you just prefer a simple minimal look? Dainty wedding rings are a popular favourite which are no less meaningful than their chunkier counterparts. Wild Fawn has always been know for our paired back style and we embrace this in our wedding bands too, the 9ct Gold Delicate Wedding Ring and the 9ct Gold Very Delicate Flat Wedding Band are the perfect choice for those wanting to keep their bands simple, elegant and classic.

Chunky: Often preferred by men and those who chime with masculine styles, our chunky bands are weighty and definitely eye catching. The 9ct White Gold Flat Wedding Ring and the 9ct Gold Chunky Wedding Ring are great options for those wanting a wider silhouette. 

Traditional: Although you may love the idea of delicate or chunky options often somewhere in between will work for most couples. Traditional band widths would usually be 3 or 4mm. The 9ct Gold Light Flat Wedding Ring is perfect for those who love angles and lines, whereas the curved D shape of the 9ct Gold Light Wedding Ring is a great option for those who want a softer, more classic look.

wedding bands

Statement: While every set of handmade wedding rings is unique to the couple and make a statement of some kind, some may do so more than others. Statement wedding rings might have chunky bands, unusual shapes, textures or colours. Our Mixed Gold Entwined Wedding Ring mixes yellow and white gold in a twisted band which has been a very popular alternative to a traditional band. Meanwhile the 9ct Gold Organic Wedding Ring has a natural freeform feeling to it, perfect for those seeking something irregular.

Gemstones: Not all wedding bands have gemstones but they certainly can, no matter your gender identity who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle, especially when it comes to something as significant as your wedding bands. The 9ct Gold Sapphire Light Flat Wedding Ring comprises 5 sapphires around the top of the band, whereas the 9ct Gold Diamond Wide Flat Wedding Ring is our widest band with a single lab grown diamond, a very sleek and modern choice.

Nesting: If you have bought your engagement ring elsewhere you might fint you need a wedding band which curved and fits around the central gemstones. We have a range of nesting bands which do just that. The 9ct Gold Chevron Nesting Wedding Ring is perfect for lovers of modern classical design and the 9ct Gold Curved Nesting Wedding Ring is a very popular choice due to its minimal sleek style. We can also create a unique band which fits snugly, to find our more you can see our bespoke wedding band page or book a consultation.

Bespoke: Although all Wild Fawn rings are handmade especially for you we can always discuss creating something completely different, personal and truly unique to you. If you would like to discus a bespoke order you can get in touch or book a consultation.

Wedding band metal colours yellow white and rose gold

Metal options

When selecting a metal for your ring, it’s important to understand how different metals fit into your lifestyle. Someone who works with their hands every day and is very active on the weekends may need something more durable than someone who types at a computer, for example — although any type of normal wear and tear can impact certain metals. Here are the basics to know.

Gold: Yellow, white or rose gold, seems simple but there are many different options for this classic metal. Higher carat count increases the softness of the metal and more susceptible it is to scratches and dents. For instance we do not tend to recommend 22ct or 24ct gold, it is too soft to wear every day, so consider 18ct, 14ct, or 9ct gold wedding ring if you’re concerned about imperfections. The 18ct Delicate Wedding Ring is perfect for those who love their gold to have a deep yellow tone. White gold is fast becoming popular due to its similar tone to platinum but lower price point, the 9ct Gold White Gold Medium Wedding Ring is a great example of this. Although not a regular request for us, rose gold has such magic about it, the 9ct Rose Gold Light Wedding Ring is a lovely option.

Platinum: Among the rarest and most expensive metals, platinum is a durable precious metal capable of handling wear and tear while keeping stones securely in place. It is quickly becoming  one of the more popular option requested. The Platinum Delicate Wedding Ring and Platinum Wide Flat Wedding Ring are our top options. 

Surface Options

We offer many surface textures to complement your wedding bands. Each one is made by hand meaning each texture is unique and no two will ever be the same. 

Wedding Ring texture stack

Finishing touches

We offer complementary engraving on wedding bands, it's the perfect way to add even more meaning and significance to them.

wedding band engraving

How to wear our wedding bands

Traditionally, the wedding band goes on the same finger as the engagement ring, stacked under it, where it’s considered “closer to the heart.” But who says you have to follow tradition? Your wedding band is yours to enjoy, and you should wear it in whatever way makes you happy. Many people wear them on other fingers, or stacked with other meaningful rings. Thread it onto a chain and wear it around your neck if rings are not your thing. There is no right or wrong way to wear your wedding band.

We take pride in being LGBTQ+ allies, no matter how you identify, we support all forms of love! We want you to feel completely comfortable chatting about your wedding, same sex marriage, civil partnership or personal commitment. No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, race or ability. 

We adore inviting couples into our studio to help them create something with such significant, if you would like to find out more you can see our bespoke wedding band pageget in touch or book a consultation.